Counsel360 provides the tools to run an efficient counselling service, enabling you to spend less time on monotonous admin tasks and more time providing counselling to your clients.


All communications with the client are captured electronically and stored centrally. Fully accessible to all relevant parties in the client journey so actions are never missed and taken in a timely fashion.

Client Experience

With Counsel360 your clients are fully immersed, they can complete a referral form online or at your premises using a mobile device. Clients should never miss an appointment with the SMS text reminder service and when slots become available be quickly notified of these.

Team Engagement

As all information is stored securely and centrally available to the relevant Counsellors and Admins, the team work collaboratively and collectively to provide the best journey of care for your clients.

Analysis & Insight

No wasted time spent with multiple spreadsheets and calculators when compiling monthly funder reports and monitoring statistics. Counsel360 outputs the reports you need at the touch of a button.

Key Features

Counsel360 provides the essential tools to deliver an efficient counselling service

Dashboard & Quick Links

Counsel360's Dashboard provides you with a clear overview of your counselling service.

At a glance, see how many new referrals have been submitted, this weeks upcoming appointments, any payments that are due, any contracts coming up for review plus you can use the quick links to book an appointment, schedule a supervisor visit etc.

Online Referrals & appointment bookings

You can simply insert a link on your website to allow your clients to complete the referral form online. The completed form is submitted directly into Counsel360 for verification and progressing by the booking team.

No more paper based referral forms, information captured once and once only.

Appointment & Waiting List Management

Create referrals and manage waiting lists at the touch of a button, includes additional tools for booking appointments, adding clients to the waiting list, adding communication logs and accessing client information.

Counsel360 helps to reduce Did Not Attend rates (DNAs) with automatic text alerts sent out to remind clients in advance of their upcoming appointment.

Global Calendar

Easy to use Global Calendar displays availability, appointments and supervisor visits in a simple colour coded format.

The calendar feature also includes additional functionality to view availability details, book appointments, see location, rooms and counsellor availability.

Quickly match your counsellor slots to client requirements.


As well as providing a comprehensive range of standard reports (fully exportable to CSV, Excel…) we also provide a bespoke report writing service that will give you the flexibility to tailor reporting to your specific requirements.


Manage your Client Journey

Track progress of your client’s journey from referral to initial assessment (AI) through Ongoing therapy to completion. Quickly view the Comms Log to view all communications associated with the client throughout their time with you.

This includes online session notes and any associated 3rd party correspondence and letters created as attachments in Counsel360 related to your clients.


Work seamlessly across all your devices from any location, at any time. Meaning staff and Counsellors can log into the system from their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Assuming they have an internet connection.

Counsel360 is completely web based and means there is no software to install on staff PCs or Counsellor’s laptops.

The system is cloud based and therefore you have no costly internal server expense or maintenance.

Audit Trail & Security

A complete audit trail of actions is available in the Counsel360 system.

Counsel360 can be installed in the cloud or on premise depending on your preference. Up to date, SQL server database technology combined with two factor authentication gives users peace of mind.

Counsel360 allows you to fundamentally change the way you work, so you spend less time on laborious administration and more time providing counselling sessions. The system empowers your team with controlled access, improves management information and reporting.

  • Counsel360 is browser based and device agnostic – extremely user friendly
  • Central Admin staff can access regional information and cover regional offices
  • Did Not Attend Rate reduction utilising SMS reminders
  • Reduced Administration Costs, able to provide more counselling sessions without increasing admin staff numbers
  • Counsellors can self-service, case notes are online, less paper work, easier management of their appointments/availability, manage supervisor visits
  • Dashboard Alerts
  • Reduced waiting lists
  • Referrals & Equal opportunity forms captured online or on a tablet in reception, no re-keying of information
  • Integration of room bookings & counsellor availability
  • Reduced time processing referrals
  • Comprehensive inbuilt reporting
  • Greater speed & efficiency matching client availability with appointment times
  • Improved customer service
  • Complete audit of client journey
  • Risk Reduction of legal challenge, adverse reputational incidents etc.

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